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- What is your training and background (conservatory or self-taught)?
I have an artistic training in an adjoining field (the applied arts). I consider myself self-taught. Subsequently, I felt the need to combine theory with practice and I took lessons in music theory, piano, and followed an orchestration training.
Exchanges with other composers are also very rich. I coordinated the musical part of Emergence, 'Summer University of Cinema' from 2010 to 2014.

- Since when are you a composer?
I was 23 when I signed my first publishing contract. I have always composed music without putting the qualification of composer to it. It's only been fifteen years since I grasped the meaning of this word.

- What instrument(s) do you play?
Piano, vocals, electronics

Has worked on selected films at:

Aubagne International Film Festival, Cinematographic Meetings of Gindou, Notes and Canvases

Has worked on films released by:

TCM Cinema, Independent cinemas, DVD... and 11 more

Manuel Bleton studied at the National School of Applied Arts (Paris). He signed his first contract with a publisher and produced songs. He continued afterwards to study composition, orchestral music and classical piano. His music is often use in movies and on TV program (Chanel Haute Couture, Harry Potter: A History of Magic (BBC), Madame Manet (Musée d'Orsay / Films d'Ici...). He won a music award for "Rocambolesque", short film directed by Loic Nicoloff.

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